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Heat pumps have become a very useful alternative to conventional heating systems. You can also heat your home or office via a heat pump and benefit in several ways. On the following pages we provide detailed information about which heat pump systems are suitable for what application. Furthermore, we show you how a heat pump, and so with ease and provides energy-saving warmth for the whole house. A heat pump is a clever variant Ecomatic to heat durable and economical. Do you dream to heat your home or your business, your restaurant, your spa or your home more cost-effective and environmentally friendly particularly to proceed? Then check out the latest development in the field of heat pumps in more detail. You will be amazed at how easy it is in regard to cost and the environment to produce and use energy.

Whether you want to convert an existing property or want to equip your new building with a heat pump, you've come to the right place for this. The installation of the new system is in a very short time. Also, the operation of the system is very simple, yet brilliant! Furthermore, the system requires much less space than conventional heating systems. But the important point is surely that while you can also save you money. Because the heat pump system works via a simple circuit and requires only a very small amount of electricity to operate. This will save you valuable money.

Ecomatic heat pumps work on an innovative heating system. The water temperature to a maximum of 60 ° C is heated. In contrast to previous chillers, the heat pump system is much more efficient, because it was specially designed to to heat.

All Ecomatic heat pumps have CE Test Certificate and are thus available for performance and quality.

A hot water pump, for example, heating the water, on a similar principle, such as an air conditioner cools air. But in comparison to conventional technologies, the heat pump removes heat from the environment. It can be air, water or soil. This extracted heat is then transported into the tank and then heated the water there. It is necessary to heat for your house, apartment or office no more fossil fuels. This also means that you will continue to fluctuating oil and gas prices are independent in terms of the heating system. Simply by using the stored heat of the sun, the environment, groundwater, soil and the air will allow the generation of heat. Here, the pump can use the stored energy all year round and does so without pauses or interruptions. The system operates on a lasting memory. As long as they can extract energy, it will store them and later, when no further energy more available to use. The energy is used up experience, never fully, because the memory is always charging. Here, the system makes use of a circular system.

A heat pump includes a compressor, a fan, a condenser and an evaporator. The airflow of the compressor will be compressed and transferred to evaporation. The fan is powered by electricity, but it works very energy efficient. To achieve 100% heating power of the pump is operating together with 75% of stored energy from the environment and 25% external energy such as electricity. The recovered heat is then used on the pump system to heat the water. This allows you to efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient heating throughout the year and have the same warm water. Such a clever and modern facility can be used in many areas of life and provides continuously and reliably perform their work.

For all types of different types of pumps are available. Thus, even swimming pools, spa facilities and underfloor heating are heated by this method.

Our products include:
- Hot water heat pump
- Air / water heat pump for domestic heating
- Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Possible areas of application:
- Large kitchen
- Laundry
- Swimming pool
- Underfloor heating
- Household
- Office
- Restaurant
- Hotel
- Hospitals
- Etc.

So you see: A heat pump is a versatile and efficient. You can also benefit from this innovative technology and save lots of money on heating bills, because the benefits are obvious. The installation of the system is quick and the system itself requires very little space. Furthermore, the pump works day and night. You can heat and hot water to prepare. The pump is weather-and season-independent and is environmentally friendly. Contact us soon and enjoy cozy warmth without worry and excessive costs.